For the following dogs please contact Margarita Booker 01293 871373/07836789464 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.k with your contact details


Summer 6yr

A  bitch who lives with a small dog and they are inseparable. She is used to children and cats. Very sociable dogs that can be left up to 5 hours Both dogs have now been neutered. The small dog is an escapologist and will need to be lead walked.


Silva 5yrs

 The dog who is being rehomed due to his owners moving into rented accommodation and not allowed to keep him. They have a new baby and he is very gentle with her. At the moment his owner is taking him to work during the day and he is going to a family member at night.He was not interested in other dogs when passing on the lead He is walked on a loose extended lead and will wander from side to side but if kept short walks perfectly He loves to retrieve but not so keen on giving to hand. He was not interested in people or children playing in the park. Silva will need a home where his new owner is at home as he has never been left. With patience, this can be rectified He has had seizures.


Joey 9yrs

Living with children 3 and1 plus a cat He is being rehomed as his owner has returned to full-time employment To be assessed.


Winnie 3yrs

winniejpg 2

Spayed bitch who has lived with adult children 15 & 17 but not a cat. She has good recall and likes to retrieve. She is trained to the whistle and can be stopped from chasing. Winnie is nervous around some dogs and will either circle them or run off if she feels threatened She is not a fighterWinnie is not possessive of her food bowl.

Winnie has been allowed to guard the family in the house and this has resulted in her attempting to snap at people entering the house. She has a mat which she is told to sit on when visitors come to the door. She has never shown any aggression towards a family member or people she knows. Winnie needs a strong owner who will take charge. She is in kennels & does not guard her kennel.


 Bear 6yr

Entire dog living with children 5 & 20mths He is good with bitches but can be reactive with male dogs. He is being rehomed as the family is finding it difficult to exercise the dog. He can be left for up to 4 hours  To be assessed.






 Gail Walker Scotland email penzance @blueyonder, Tel 07800523685

 Blue 10yrs


A castrated dog living with 6 month old twins. and used to young children visiting  He is good other dogs when out, good recall.and he has no health issues apart from a couple of benign fatty lumps. He is used to going to doggy daycare when one owner works full time two days a week. Blue is being rehomed as he has become totally stressed with the changes in the household and has become vocal if left. In this respect, his behaviour has changed. His stress levels are causing him to lose weight. He has had a complete checkup at the vets recently.




Gill Robson tel 01443 228768 email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..













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