For the following dogs please contact Margarita Booker 01293 871373/07836789464 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.k Please send your contact details.


Darcy 3+


Entire bitch living with adult children and two cats. She does not like a fuss being made of her & can be lead reactive to other dogs but fine off lead. Lives with an elderly whippet but no interaction between the two dogs in the house. Darcy is nervous of people approaching her & will bark at them and shy away. She played well with the assessors dog.



Jasper 4yrs

Castrated excitable dog He will jump up & mouth but responds to 'No' and gets down.. He will randomlly jump up at people when out exercising 

He is food motivated and will coubnter surf if the opportunity arises. He can resource guard his food bowl but he is not aggressive He has good recall and is crate trained He has not lived with children or cats


Echo 3 +yrs

When we took Echo into kennels he was frightened of his natural surrounding He is now a confident dog and a great jumper. He is good with dogs and is now of his own accord going to people to be petted. He needs a calm experienced home He has not lived with children or cats.


Lucas and Bebe

8yr old castrated dog and 6+ entire bitch lived with children 13&17 but not cats. They are being rehomed due to their owner working all day & finding it difficult to give them the time they need Lucas recall nor 100% good other dogs. Bebe can be wary of other dogs good recall. Both dogs good with people & children Neither dogs have health issues  Unfortunately their new home has just fallen through.



Summer 6yr

Entire bitch who lives with a small dog and they are inseparable. She is used to children  and cats. Very socialble dogs that can be left upto 5 hours.RESERVED


Freya 8yrs.

Freya is an easy dog . well  trained who has lived with another bitch . She is good with other dogs when out Freya has not lived with children or cats, She could do with losing a few pounds Freya is being rehomed as her owners are moving to Peru on business and cannot take her with them


 Bugsy 5yrs


Bugsy is a stray so we do not know if he has lived with children or cats.He has been castrated and is in kennels. He is a boisterous dog who loves playing with other dogs. He will jump up to say 'hello' He walks on a halti needs some training but has the basics


. Magic.10yrs

Entire dog living with a baby. His owners are working long hours & he is being left all day. Lovely gentle calm  dog. He has good runs at the weekend.



Silva 5yrs


Entire dog who is being rehomed due to his owners moving into rented accommodation and not allowed to keep him. They have a new baby and he is very gentle with her. aT the moment his owner is taking him to work during the day and he is going to a family member at night.He can be lead reactive if another dog challenges hin but has never fought. Recall needs some work He is docked. To be assessed



















Please contact   Gail Walker tel 07800523685 email penzance for the following dogs

Please send your contact details