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Harvey 8 yr

Harvey Hudson

 Castrated male dog who is being rehomed due to changes in his owner's circumstances and not coping with being left Lovely dog calm with visitors, lives with an ESS bitch but not cats. He will steal food if left out. he is good with visiting children. Harvey has in the past chased cyclist etc but his owner has worked on this behaviour and will now respond to the recall. He is good with other dogs and loves swimming. Harvey is a fit healthy dog who enjoys 2 hours a day exercise. His needs to be rehomed with another dog.


Skye 7 yrs


Spayed bitch who has lived with children 5&3 but not a cat. She is being rehomed as her owners are moving into rented accommodation and cannot take her with them. Skye can be quite vocal when visitors arrive but she soon settles Skye is not happy round other dogs. She is being fostered.

Jasper 4yrs

Castrated excitable dog He will jump up & mouth but responds to 'No' and gets down.. He has a sensitive stomach so can only be fed on Burns Pork & Rice 

Other foods including human will go straight through him.He is food motivated and will steal food if the opportunity arises. He can resource guard his food bowl but he is not aggressive He has good recall and is crate trained He has not lived with children or cats

Rose 2yrs.

Rose 3

Spayed bitch not lived with children or cats She is living with a male Weimaraner but is dominant with him.& they have had fights. Needs to be the only dog no other pets. Rose needs an owner who will be her leader. She is a fearful dog and is wary of visitors. Rose lives in rural surroundings and when she does meet another dog she will run up and bark but will recall.

 Ilka 2+

Spayed bitch not lived with children or cats She is a strong hunter She needs an experienced home To be assessed


Skye 2 +yr

Entire bitch who is being rehomed due to her owners moving abroad.She is timid around people but responds well to a soft voice and slower movements when handling. She walks well on a slip lead. Recall not 100% but loves to retrieve. Skye is good with male dogs but not keen on bitches.She was rehomed by her present owners from a farm and had not been socialized. She lives with a male Labrador. Skye needs an experienced calm patient and consistent adult home. She has not lived with children or cats.Skye is in an animal sanctuary

Jensen 2yrs To be assessed


Libby 3yrs 


An entire bitch who has lived with children 9 yr upwards and a Cocker spaniel bitch but not a cat. She is being rehomed due to her owners separating.Libby is excitable & vocal when visitors arrive but will sit to the command. she will need training but is responsive. She is walked on a halti Libby has excellent recall and always keeps within range when being exercised. She was diagnosed with von Willebrand disease as a young puppy but has since cut herself on various occasions and there has not been a problem.Libby has been known to chase bikes She is a very sweet affectionate bitch that just needs some remedial training. She is being rehomed as her owners have separated. 


Magic 9+ Entire dog living with a 1 yr old baby and his owner is struggling







  Gail Walker tel 07800523685 email penzance