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  • April 2018

Dedito 2

Once again the Club is indebted to the generosity of  Dario Martina for hosting a three-day grouse training and pointing test on a prestigious moor in North Yorkshire. The aim was to encourage new handlers and their dogs to experience. working their dogs on grouse.

Amongst those entered were  French. Dutch & Swedish dogs thus giving members a chance to see European dogs working. Friday was devoted to newbies with their dogs with trainers Jason Hudson & Dave Pilkington to give advice and help.

Saturday  Geoff Saint & Dave Pilkington split the dogs into training groups and there was plenty of game for the dogs to point and be steady to fur and feather

Sunday was the Grouse Pointing Test with 10 dogs in the draw plus the European dogs with 8 Junior & 6 Adult dogs running

Judges Godfrey Card and Jason Hudson



Guillaume Moreau handling Ivli Caescris's 'Julia' des Grandes Maurieres (Fr) graded Excellent and this year's winner of the Dedito Trophy



Adrian Morgan's Parhelis Mentat Master Graded Very Good.


The following dogs all Graded Good

Trevor Hall's Scubas Old Rarity

Chrissie Sterritt 's Cheyenn Nandita Kishori.

Thank you again to our host Dario Martina, the keepers, the field trial sub-committee for organizing. the and lastly to the sporting competitors and their dogs who made the event possible and enjoyable.