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WCGB Dedito Grouse Pointing Test 2 August 2014 at Scargill & Gilmonby Moors, North Yorks, by kind permission of Mike Ainsley & Host Dario Martina.

 WCGB Member & Sponsor, Dario Martina was largely responsible for making the Jubilee Grouse pointing test go with such a bang last year.

 He wanted to make it an annual event, in memory of his older Weimaraner Dodi (Dedito) who made it possible for Dario to access the grouse moors of North Yorkshire. And so we began to plan this year's Dedito GrousePointing Test




The day went well supported by Weimaraners from Somerset, to Kent and all the way up to Yorkshire - 3 Juniors and 10 Adults filled the card.

Conditions were in stark contrast to last year's windless heatwave. This weather favoured the dogs, although the handlers had to adopt a 'layering' approach to clothing. as the temperatures went from baking to thunderstorms and high winds within a minute.


A 'test' can be off - putting to handlers not used to running under those conditions and who would otherwise not have come to take the opportunity. To encourage the unconfident and inexperienced, there was also a Keeper's Choice Dedito Trophy on offer, judged by Keeper Mike Ainsley and his underkeepers, as well as Roy, the Keeper at neighbouring Barningham and last year's host.

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All the dogs had opportunities on grouse, and judges Costas Wilkinson and Rory Major awarded a Junior dog a 'Good' grading - Adrian Morgan handling his & Sally Morgan's Ignaheim's Bolt toParhelis, and Adult 'Excellent' grading to Julie Turner and Quadet Dargo at Rockleyan. 



The Keepers huddled for a deep discussion while they sheltered in the lunch hit from the ragoinhg deluge outside, and decided on the Morgan's dog Bolt for the Dedito Trophy.


Dario's company, Deditoshootingwear.com and John Field.eu both generously sponsored the Keepers' prize and Judges' gifts, and Goody Bags for all the competitors. Sporting Saints sponsored prizes and vouchers for the 3 Junior dogs.


The raffle raised £50 for Rescue and Rehoming  - not bad for our small group.



Local photographer David Williams was unobtrusive all day, capturing the action. He has kindly supplied the images here, and all images from the day can be viewed on and purchased from www.calicoimages.co.uk under the 'Field Sports' heading Weimaraner - Dedito GrousePointing Trial - 2nd August 2014


Thanks to everyone on the field trial sub-committee, sponsors, photographer, host and officials , as well as the sporting competitors, who made this day possible and enjoyable

Suzi Burton

WCGB Field Trial Secretary 


Dedito's Grouse Pointing Test


Why Dedito? Dedito is the name of my oldest dog.He is the one that got me into all of this. Without him Iprobably never had been involved so much into shooting and working my dog as I am at this stage of my life.

So, it's more than logical for me to honour and thank him by naming this Grouse Pointing Test dedicated to him. He is now 11 1/2 years old and I am planning to make him the oldest Weimaraner that ever lived.


The day in North Yorkshire on the Scargill moor was fantastic. A day as we all want a grouse pointing test to be.

Enough grouse for every dog to hunt and point. Keepers which helped us in every way possibler. Judges who explained what we did right or wrong to make us better (since the dogs did well but us as handlers failed often) Weather that suited the dogs and all participants arriving with a smile and making sure that at the end of the day they would bring the best dog home.

We have seen good dog work and as Rory Major (one of the judges) said, we could start making videos to show people that Weimaraners are ontheir way in trialling or working world.


Congratulations to everybody involved and who helped make this day so successful and everyone working his/her dog. A special congratulations to Adrian who got graded 'Good' and who won the 'Keepers Choice' trophy which I donated in memory of Dedito.

Also a very special congratulations to Julie which was able to bring an 'Excellent' grading home with her at the end of the day. Julie's smile whilst receiving the award card said it all for us ....... well done.Thank you

All of these things give me great pleasure to host and sponsor an event like this for the Weimaraners and we are already looking into the possibilities for next year.

We might come up with a surprise so be ready to join in 


Also a special thanks to Suzi running around organizing everything with a never ending dedication. Together with her I am proud in organizing the day