Over the last few months, I have been deluged with calls and emails asking me if I know of any litters. I am not alone. I know that the secretaries of all the other breed clubs have experienced the same, as have breeders. In fact, there has been a huge demand for dogs of all breeds. And on the back of this demand, the price has sky rocketed, with some greedy breeders asking £2000 or more. sometimes for an unregistered puppy.


Many breeders who were planning a spring /summer litter postponed their plans. They decided that they did not want to breed their bitches during this time of national crisis and I don't blame them. We were told no essential travel, so breeders could not travel to the stud dog. The British Veterinary Association said people should not breed their animals. The result is that there are very few litters around and the chances of finding a puppy at the moment are very slim. 

This situation is likely to last for much of the summer as few bitches come into season during the summer, the peak time being spring and autumn. A bitch is pregnant for 9weeks, so don't expect an upturn in the number of puppies until autumn, and then it is likely that there will be a flurry of litters and plenty of choice. So please wait a few months.,

The lockdown rules prevent people from visiting the breeders and going into their homes. so you cannot do the usual checks. You are reliant on the breeder sending you a video. Please be aware that there are lots of scams. Several people have contacted me about a scam that involves the Isle of Man. Some websites appear to be 100% scams. The reason people can operate these scams with ease is because people may not visit to look at the puppies.

Here are some of the reasons why I think now is a bad time.to get a puppy

1 You cannot go into the home of the breeder and check how they are being raised, you can only view them in the garden

2 Many breeders have doubled their prices to take advantage of the shortfall in puppies- it's all about greed, not the welfare of the puppy.

3 Puppy socialization is so essential, especially for a Weimaraner. At the moment there are no puppy classes or training classes. Opportunities to socialize your puppy are limited. You cannot go into other homes, let your puppy meet lots of other dogs, go on trains, meet children and elderly people, etc.

4 Much of the demand is because people want something to do over the summer and think getting a puppy will occupy the children. The puppy will be with the family 24/7 which is not good. The Weimaraner as can any breed suffer from Separation Anxiety and lockdown is not making it any better. A puppy needs to be trained to be left. When you go back to work/school what will happen to the puppy? You can't leave the puppy on its own all, day. Are there any doggie day care facilities locally or dog walkers? Do they have places available once their regular customers go back to work

5 Lockdown affects dogs just as much as people. Dogs thrive on being able to go out and meet lots of other dogs, experience different places/smells. This is not happening. We are hearing of owners that their dogs are behaving differently. They are barking at doors and windows at passing people. Some owners report their dog is more protective of the family and growling at people. Dogs are getting stressed. ^ We suspect that more dogs will come into rescue as life gets back to normal and the puppy is no longer required. Some people will give up on the unruly puppy. Some people will lose their jobs/homes and can't afford to keep their dog anymore. 

So please be patient. There will be more litters later in the year. If you have been planning fora puppy for a while, then a few months should not make that much difference. If you can't wait that long, then maybe you are looking for a puppy for all the wrong reasons.

Use the time to contact reliable breeders who follow a strict code of conduct and who are members of one of the Weimaraner breed clubs. Talk to them and get on their waiting lists.

Sally Morgan