The Club Committee discussed this matter at a recent meeting after it was reported that some Weimaraner breeders were charging an exorbitant £2,500 - £3000 -4,000 for their puppies. After much discussion, the Committee decided that £950 - £1250 is a fair price range and anything more and the breeder would need to easily justify the extra cost. Given that some of the top breeders in the country, both show, and work, don't charge more for their pups, we can't see how other breeders can demand more for their pups. 

Why should we worry about price?

For the last few years registrations have settled at about 1,200 mark (including colour not recognized puppies), a level that the Committee feels is sustainable, with the number of puppies matching demand. However, if the price creeps up then this can only mean one thing - it will attract the attention of the puppy farmer and pet breeder who wants to earn a 'fast buck', and then we find ourselves back at the 2000 level of registrations, and a large number of dogs coming to Rescue for rehoming. We've been there before and we hope we don't revisit it. 

In our code of conduct, member breeders agree to take back any dog that 'bounces' or to help the owners and Rescue to find a new home etc. As many breeders will testify, a higher price tag does not ensure a forever home! 

Docking is for working dogs. 

It was also noted that a surprising number of litters are being docked. As members will know BASC together with many Club members campaigned hard in 2007 to ensure working dogs had an exemption, so it is worrying to see the majority of Weimaraner litters being docked, including those bred by people not known to have an interest in working. Given this level of docking, we should have hundreds of working Weimaraners - we doubt that! 

We do have to be careful that this exemption is not lost because of abuse of the system. Docking is not a means to charge more for your pups or attract buyers who are just interested in the aesthetics of the dog and not its working ability.

The Committee of the WCGB

For further information with relation to members litters please contact Hon Sec. Sally Morgan email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or tel 01963 371681