For the following dogs please contact Margarita Booker 07836789464 email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Spencer 5yrs


An entire male dog who needs an experienced owner as he can be dominant. He is trained to the whistle He is good with other dogs apart from black dogs & is living with an ESS dog. He has not lived with children or cats. Spencer is not destructive when left. He has mouthed quite hard on two occasions.. 

Oscar 5yrs


 A castrated dog living with teenage children, who is being rehomed due to his owner returning to work full time. Oscar will need an experienced home as he is not 100% with all dogs He is not coping with being left all day.


Alfie 8yr old


Castrated dog & friendly dog who enjoyed playing with the assessor's bitch. He was good around their children. He did not bark excessively at the door. Alfie is crate trained and can be left 4-5 hours. He has not lived with a cat. Alfie is being rehomed as his owners will be commuting between the States & the UK.


 Logan 9yrs


logan 2

Castrated dog who is being rehomed as his owner is  unable to exercise him due to health problems He lives with a Jack Russell Logan walks well on the lead and will run up to other dogs off the lead but is not aggressive. He has good recall. He is quite an anxious dog and needs to be rehomed with a bitch. He can be left for up to 3 hours but is not destructive.


Kayleigh 4yr

Spayed bitch who is being rehomed due to her owners separating. She has lived with teenagers and a 5yr old child but not cats. She is being left all day. Well trained dog who played nicely with a labrador and KC spaniel when the assessor went for a walk with her and her owners.but has been known to snap at dogs if they invaded her space.


Chelsea & Max

Chelsea7 Max


 10year old Weimaraner bitch and 8 year old Hungarian Vizsla dog Both dogs are neutered THey are being rehomed as their owner does not have the time to devote to them. They are living with a 5yr old and an 8mth old baby. They are good with other dogs when out exercising To be assessed

Bree 3yrs.


 Spayed bitch who has not lived with children. She is a dominant bitch who will need a kind but assertive owner and given a job in life ie. agility. She is playful and loves to retrieve her ball. She will bark & jump up but responds well to commands. Bree can be reactive to dogs on the lead and is fine once she gets to know other dogs. Bree is being rehomed as her owners have emigrated to Thailand and could not take her with them. She would suit an experienced owner in a rural setting.


.Joey 9yr

Castrated friendly dog living with two small children 3 &1 & a cat. Good with other dogs when out .Joey is being rehomed as both his owners are at work all day and he is not coping. They are also finding it difficult to fit in his walks.








 Gail Walker  (Scotland) email penzance Tel 07800523685

 Houston 6yr & Draco 3yrs

Both dogs are castrated and are being rehomed as their owner has a young baby and finding it difficult to exercise the dogs as they have become protective of her and the baby when out walking. This is shown by Houston alert barking & Draco following suit. They are not aggressive and are good with other dogs when off lead... Both dogs are excellent with the toddler in the house They are friendly & affectionate in the house. They can be left up to 3 hours. Both dogs sleep downstairs.

They would probably be better being rehomed separately as Draco can be dominant with Houston.

Houston sweet dog who likes a cuddle and whilst loving his walks would probably be great with someone where he is not too in a high lifestyle ie, not a runner. mountain biker or hill walker.

Draco willing to please and is used to running behind the husband's mountain bike when he is at home. He needs an active life with an experienced owner who will give him a role in life. He will open cupboard etc in the kitchen. He has been bitten by a Chihuahua which he picked up but did not harm the dog. He needs to be trained to walk on the lead.  Draco would suit an experienced home with an older bitch as he has always had the company of another dog.







Gill Robson tel 01443 228768 email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..













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