For the following dogs please contact MargaritaBooker 07836789464 email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view

Oscar 5yrs


 A castrated dog living with teenage children, who is being rehomed due to his owner returning to work full time. Oscar is now in kennels and is mixing well with other dogs.but will stand his ground with entire males but responds to 'leave' and will not follow through He has had an operation for a cruciate ligament and is making a good recovery however he has been diagnosed with arthritis. He is not on medication. Would suit a senior owner.



Willow 5 yrs

Castrated male living with an 11yr old bitch & 4 yr old GSD bitch He is being rehomed as he is not happy around the 11 yr old bitch. He is not to go with cats. He is good with large dogs but will chase small dogs He can be left from 9-4 and is not destructive. To be assessed.


Bear 6yrs

Castrated dog a friendly dog, loves to play with other dogs when out exercising and good recall except when distracted. He has not lived with a cat. Bear needs a home without young children. He can be left 2-3 hours.


Riley 4yrs

Castrated dog not keen on small dogs as he was attacked by a Jack Russell and he is wary of large dogs. He can be left 4-5 hours daily To be assessed.


Khalif 18mths

An entire dog who lives with an older bitch. He is good other dogs and is crate trained. He is not used to being left for long periods. Khalif lives with a cat. To be assessed.RESERVED


Rosie 18mths

An entire bitch being rehomed as she is an escapologist and sadly her owners cannot higher the fencing as they live in a grade listed house.. She will need to be rehomed with a castrated dog as she has always lived with another dog. She has lived with teenagers and is used to horses but not lived with cats Rosie can be left up to 5 hours,


Froch 2+

Froch 3


A castrated male dog not lived with children but used to visiting children. He can be food & toy possessive   On arrival, he was excited and jumped up & a bit mouthy but nothing that could not be sorted in the right hands. Froch needs an experienced owner who can put in place a couple of ground rules. He was good other dogs when out and is submissive with more dominant dogs. and has good recall. Froch can be left and is not destructive.













 For the following dogs  please contact  Gail Walker  (Scotland) email penzance Tel 07800523685


lives with a terrier to be assessed


Button 3yr

A spayed bitch who lives with 2 other dogs. Lives with three children 17,15 & 5mth old baby. She is being rehomed as she does not cope with being left when her owners are at work To be assessed.




Gill Robson tel 01443 228768 ( Wales ) email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Tara 10yrs

An entire bitch presently living in a transit van with her owner and another dog. She is good with people but is not dog-friendly. Tara will need a rural home with no other dogs.



Daisy 11yrs


A spayed bitch who is being rehomed as her owner has ongoing health problems & will be moving & unable to take Daisy To be assessed