For the following dogs please contact Margarita Booker 07836789464


Summer 6yr

A  bitch who lives with a small dog and they are inseparable. She is used to children and cats. Very sociable dogs that can be left up to 5 hours Both dogs have now been neutered. The small dog is an escapologist and will need to be lead walked.


Joey 9yrs

Living with children 3 and1 plus a cat He is being rehomed as his owner has returned to full-time employment. A very friendly dog who sometimes jumps up. Good with other dogs when out exercising..He does have a couple of fatty lumps but they are benign. 


Skye 1yr

Entire bitch who is being rehomed as she fought with the neutered male whippet whilst in season & the bitch whippet when just out of season. She is crate trained and not lived with a cat. Skye is a nervous dog who when the assessor took her out for a walk with her 2 dogs and the owner hung back behind their legs and then when she realized they were not a threat was happy to interact. Skye is not used to young children. She needs a home with an owner who will build up her confidence and not feed into her insecurities. She is a biddable bitch



Spencer 5yrs4


An entire male dog who needs an experienced owner as he can be dominant. He is trained to the whistle He is good with other dogs apart from black dogs & is living with an ESS dog. He has not lived with children or cats. Spencer is not destructive when left. He has mouthed quite hard on two occasions.. 








 Gail Walker Scotland email penzance @blueyonder, Tel 07800523685




Gill Robson tel 01443 228768 email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..













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