Cufts winners


Netherhill Got Taklenty


Best of Breed & Dog CC Miss C Ruddy's Sh Ch Netherhill's Got Talent JW


 Reserve CC

Res Dog  CC Mrs. C & Mrs. S Rayner & Maskell's  Sh.Ch. Academy of Raystans JW Sh Cm 

 Mabanika Stetson.jpg 2


Best Puppy Mrs.BH Thorne's Mabaniks Stetson


Smilek Eyes of Silver 2.

Bitch CC  Mr.& Mrs. L J & N-Mrs. S Reilly, Rayner & Maskell's Smilek Eyes of Silver



Reserve  Bitch CC Mr. D & Mrs. K. Robson's Kalimor Armani at Robricci JW.



Best Veteran 2

Best Veteran. Mrs. C. Rayner Sh Ch. Gunalt The Look at Raystans JW ShCm

Veteran Dog

F. Bannerman

1 Miss F Bannerman Minama Roamin Down Under JW (AI)

2 Mrs, C Mutlow's Risinglark Hawk Wing JW SHh Cm

3 Mrs. R, Mr. P & Mrs. D Webster Radford

Res  Mis JP, & Mr. R Maclaine & Dickson's Sh Ch/Ir Sh Ch Greyspirit Royal Ascot at Trilite Sh Cm 10 Jun Ch 

VHC Mrs. S & Mrs.C Maskell & Rayner Sh Ch Distinction for Brownbank. 


Minor Puppy

1 Mr. R.A. & J. P Stafford's Gunalt Flytheflag TAF


 Puppy Dog

1 Mrs. B H Thorne's Mabanika Stettson 


Junior Dog

Junior dog

1  Mrs. T Snaith's Skilaki Move ON Up to Bifonda.

2 Mr. A K & Mrs. M L B Ward's Akwamar Moonstruck

3 Mrs. B.H.Thorne's Mabaniks Stetson

Res Mr.A & Mrs. P Macmahon's Silverkelvin Jupiter.


Yearling Dog


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1 Mr.D & Mrs. R Burgess's Greyspirit Rock Star From Hantzburg

2 Miss J & Mrs. S Brieley & Needham's Graustrurm Hairy Potter JWW 18 (Imp Aus)

3 Mr. A & Mrs. T Hawkins' Smilek Massachusettes

Res. Mr. A Walczak's Tango A-Awa  ( ATC AW00255POL)   


Post Graduate Dog

 Braefell Goshawk

1 Mrs. C Mutlow's Braefell Goshawk

2 Miss C Frederick's Gunalt Benediction of Vlammen

3 Mrs. P Lewis's Harleferg Bygraves

Res Miss H Convery's Stormdancer The Gift

VHC Mr.D  & Mrs. D Johnson's Kyrash Blitzen.


 Limit Dog


Limit dog

1  Mrs. A J & Mr. A Beagrie's Gunalt Audio From Felhund

2  Mrs. J A & Mr. A Graham's  Desjiem Aspyring.

3 Mrs. G. & Mrs. C G Myers & Hartley Astrazone  Kingfisher

Res. Miss J Powell's Parhelis Dante. 

VHC Dr. N J S Henderson's Silverkelvin Meteorite


Open Dog

1 Miss C Ruddy's Sh Ch Netherhill's Got Talent JW.

2 Mrs. C & Mrs. S Rayner & Maskell's Sh Ch Gunalt Academy of Raystans Jw ShCm

3 Ms.M Young's Silverkelvin Lunar Eclipse Over Noreaster Sh Cm

Res Miss V Hays Sh Ch, Sharnphilly Avolon JW Sh Cm

VHC Mr.S.G & Miss M Redman & Shackell's Gunalt Hardcore


Special Working Dog

 Mrs. J Byrne's Enryb's  Singles Party 


Good Citizen Dog Scheme

1 Miss F Bannerman's Minama Roanmin Down Under JW (AI)

2 Miss K Mountain's Schonhund Show Magic with Githoneal

3 Mr. D & Mrs. R Burgess Greyspirit Rock Star from Hantzburg.

Res Mr.D & Mrs. R. Burgess's Gunalt  Rock Out with Hantzburg RL1 P-Bed Ex


 Veteran Bitch

1 Mrs. C. Rayner's Sh Ch Gunalt The Look at Raystans

2 Mr. L & Mrs. LI & Ms. HS Rutland & Jones's Sh Ch Khamsynn Carry On Camping JW

3 Mrs. T. Morris  Sh. Ch. Kalimor Casey JW

Res. Miss R Webster Schonhund Show Attitude with Errytar

VHC Dr. C & Mrs. J& Miss Z Thrasivoulou's Ascarli Fancy Free at Skilaki.


Puppy Bitch


Mabanika Fascinator

1 Mrs. B.H Thorne's  Mabanika Fascination.

2 Miss V Hays's Longlox Midnight Romance

3 Mrs. S J & Mr.S A Cain's Schonhund Tallulah. 


Junior Bitch


1 Mr.A.Batty's Almoor Macey Gray

2 Miss. C Ruddy's Almoor Anastasia at Netherhill 

3 Mr.S. Mrs. E & Mrs. K Hunt's. K Hunt & Roberts Joneva Hollywood Glamour

Res Miss C Caffrey 's Weidovan Quick Silver Lady Jun. Ch.

VHC Dr. C & Mrs.J & Miss Z Thrasivoulou's Skilaki Born to Move.


Yearling Bitch




1 Mr. A Batty's Almoor Macey Gray

2 Miss J Mathews's Silvermews Shiomi JW

3 Mrs. D Dobbs Oakswarren Ice Maiden

 Res H&S Upton & Upton- Lovett 's Gunalt Lustrous

. VHC Miss C Ruddy Netherhill Euro Millions


. Post Graduate Bitch

1 Mr.A J & Mrs. S Moore Kalimor Jazz at Cavalmist.

2 Miss S Anderton's Tatze Bewitched by Thrihyrne.

3 Mr. T & Mrs. J Howard's Akwamar Bette Davis

 Res Mr.E J& Mr. TP Olner's Schonhund Show La Diva Loca.

VHC Miss F Bannerman's Selhendo Special Edition


Limit Bitch

1 MrMrs LJ Mrs. C & Mrs. S Reilly Rayner & Maskell's Smilek Eyes of Silver JW

2 Mr. D Mrs. K Robson's Kalimor Armani at Robricci.

3 Mrs.T Morris 's Kalimor Lily

Res. Miss J Brierley's Tatze Rogue Legacy 

VHC Miss JP & Mr. R Maclaine & Dickson's Greyspirit Purdue JW ShCm CJW17


Open Bitch

Bunalt Can We

1 Mrs. CA & Mr. DW Pearce & Gilbert's Gunalt Can We

2 Mrs. T. Morris's Sh Ch Kalimor Ruby JW.

Res M,r R A S Stafford JP 's Sh Ch Gunalt Repartee

VHC Mr. G & Mrs. R. Charlish's Diliscara Ice Ice Baby


Field Trial Bitch

1 Mrs. Sally Morgan's Parhelis Irulan.


Special Working Bitch

1 K Bula's  Int/Lux/De/Est/Slo/LT Ch Zaidee of Atria (ATC AW00062POL)

2 M. Bauerova's  Multi Ch Isabelle Donna QD Potoka KafF6KU (ATC2667CZE)


Good Citizen Dog Scheme



1 Miss F Bannerman's Selhendo Special Edition

2 Mr. C Gosling's Glasarian Amethyst

3 Mrs D Dobbs's Oakswarren Ice Maiden

Res Mrs. B & Mr. R Smith Meinweg Christmas Ghost

VHC Miss F Bannerman's Minama Believe in Me.  Sh Cm 



























Health survey 2019

The WCGB is carrying out a new health survey.

This time the Club is looking at how long Weimaraners live and the cause of death. The survey is quick and easy to complete so please take a few minutes to enter the details of your Weimaraners that have passed away. You can repeat the survey multiple times to enter the details of all the Weimaraners you or your family have owned, right back to the 1950s.

The survey can be found below. If you find the text a bit small, please follow this link to the survey on SurveyMonkey.

Thank you

Create your own user feedback survey