The Spring Open Shpw was held on 22nd April at the Kennel Club Stoneleigh Judge Michelle Nuttall (Helmstar)


Best in Show Robson Nemrac Connie at Robricci JW


RBIS and BOB Rayner & Maskell Sh Ch Gunalt Academy JW ShCM



Best Puppy Dyer Sharnphilly Ruby Aura

Best Puppy

Best Veteran Morris Sh Ch Kalimor Casey JW




Minor Puppy - No entries

Junior Dog

1 Holman Astrazone Invierno in Jenluis

2 Dane Weipowa Little Bit of Good

3 Frederick Gunalt Benediction

Yearling Dog

1 Holman  Astrazone Invierno in Jenluis

2 Dane Weipowa Little Bit of Good


Graduate Dog

1 Holman Astrazone Invierno in Jenluis

2 Dane Weipowa Little Bit of Good

3 Claricoates Desjiem EAster Parade


Post Graduate Dog

1 Burgess Nemrac Invictus

2 Powell Parhelis Dante


Limit Dog

1 Danneau Weipowa Phoenix at Arranz (AI) JW

2Snaith Skilaki Super Fly to Bifonda

3 Graham Desjiem Aspyring

4 Bussell Teufel Devils Advocate

5 Braine Kuantan Silverstone


Open Dog

1 Rayner & Maskell Sh Ch Academy of Raystan JW Sh CM

2 Hays Shanphilly Avolon JW Sh CM AWB

3 Brown & Filby Desjiem American Pie JW ShCM

4 Finch NL Ch Deifstock Dandee Red ShCM

5 Palmer Kalimor Quartz at Parmelly JW ShCM


Special Breeders Dog

Brown & Filby Desjiem American Pie JW ShCM


Veteran Dog Danneau

Sh Ch Kalimor Celtic Storm at Arranz JW


Special Field Trial Dog

Burton Trubon Grafyte Treve


Special Working Dog

Pisko Calestris Weim Arttis (ATC ALJO10141HUN)



Minor Puppy Bitch

1 Dyer Sharnphilly Ruby Aura

2 Anderton Tatze Bewitched by Thyrihyme



Puppy Bitch

1 Dyer Sharnphilly Ruby Aura

2 Oliver Deifstock Deep Desire

3 Anderton Tatze Bewitched Thyrihyme



Junior Bitch

1 Morris Kalimor Lily

2 Moore KalimorJazz at Cavalmist

3 Robson Kalimor Armani at Robricci

4 Sloan Trubon Hattye Trubelle

5 Olner & Harrison Schonhund Show La Diva Loca


Yearling Bitch

1 Morgan Parhelis Irulan

2 Dyer & Coles Shanphilly Clair Ridge JW

3 Robson Kalimor Armani at Robricci

4 SloanTrubon Haytte Trubelle


Maiden Bitch

Anderton Tatze Bewitched at Thyrihyme



Novice Bitch

1 Morris Kalimor Lily

2 Dyer Sharnphilly Ruby Aura

3 Olner & Harrison Schonhund Show La Diva Loca



Graduate Bitch

1 Robson Kalimor Armani at Robricci

2 Dane Desjiem Easter Bonnet

3 Holman Silberliss Game Pie



Postgraduate Bitch

1 Brown & Filby Desjiem Dorris Morris

2 Thrasivoukou SKilaki It's de Lovely JW

3 Dane Desjiem Easter Bonnet

4 Holman Silberliss Game Pie

5 Olner & Harrison Schonhund Showsabatical


Limit Bitch

1 Robson Nemrac Connie at Robricci

2 Wardle Ranaran Hallaberry

3 Finch Silvestre Last Tango with Silberliss JW

4 Batty & Smith Edingorse Etheral at Almoor

5 Graham Enryb Party Delight



Open Bitch

1  Dyer Sharnphilly Primrose JW

2 Morris Sh Ch Kalimor Ruby JW

3 Sayer & Wallwork Sh Ch Astrazone Avocet to Braefell JW

4 Beagrie Gunalt Audible to Felhund JW

5 Braine Sh Ch Kuantan Kordelia ShCM



Special Breeders

1 Brown & Filby Desjiem Dorris Morris


Veteran Bitch

1 Morris Sh Ch Kalimor Casey JW 

2 Brown & Filby Sh Ch Desjiem Mary Christmas JW Sh CM

3 Braine Sh Ch Kuantan Kordelia Sh CM

4 Powell Madreliath Renata


Special Field Trial Bitch

Burton Trubon Delta Truffe


Special Working Bitch

1 Morgan Parhelis Irulan

2 Cooper Deifstock Ducat Demon JW



Special Longhair Bitch

Andeton Tatze Bewitched at Thyrihyme



President 's Trophy Open

Powell Parhelis Dante











WCGB OPen show 2018

I was honoured to be asked to judge my breed and privileged to go over a significant number of quality dogs on this sunny spring day. Thanks to James Kelly for a smooth running show and all involved in organising and to my efficient ring helpers- Anthony, Jacob and Amelia Tagg.

Minor Puppy Dog (4.1)

1Snaith's Skilaki Move on Up To Bifonda

7months baby but has it all there. Well proportioned throughout.He moved freely and with good forward reach on well angled upper arm and shoulders. Lovely head and ears, ribs well back and short loin. BPD RBPIS

2 Reilly's Smilek How Deep is Your Love

Well boned 8 month dog We;ll proportioned head into clean neck and level topline Strong rearquarters good turn of stifle and hocks well let down. Shorter cast and not quite the reach of 1 on the move but held topline.

3 Burgess's Greyspirit Rockstar from Hantzburg


Puppy Dog (3.0)

1 Snaith's Skilaki Move On Up To Bifonda

2 Reilly's Smilek How Deep is Your Live

3 Burgess's Greyspirit Rockstar From Hantzburg


Junior Dog (6.0)

1 Palmer's Kalimor Claude At Parmelly

Balanced moderate medium sized young dog presented in hard condition. Beautifully proportioned head  and ears, good shoulders, chest and ribs into strong loin and rear. Tight feet, well let  down hocks. Moved freely with purpose.

2 Beagrie's Gunalt Audio

Lovely head, shoulders and front , strong pasterns. Good tailset off sloping croup. Shorter ribbed and longer loin than 1 not as co - ordinated on the move . Shown in lovely condition.

3 Phillip's Rivertone Rudolph

4 Mutlow's Braefell Goshawk

5 Bennett's Deifstock Dandini.


Yearling Dog (5.0)

1 Beagrie's Gunalt Claude

2 Phillip's Rivertone Rudolph

Masculine young dog , balanced head and good shoulders. Well sprung ribs, level topline into sloping croup. Strong rear quarters with good width of thigh and well muscled . Preferred the front of 1 Moved OK.

3 Mutlow's Braefell Goshawk

4 Bennett's Deifstock Dandini

5th Perry's Weipowa Luck and Load


Maiden Dog (2.0)

1Reilly's Smilek How Deep Is Yoir Love

2 Bennett's Deifstock Dandini  

Taller, masculine dog Good head and kind expression. Good forechest, ribs well back, strong thighs and well let down hocks. Good substane overall. Moved soundly.


 Novice Dog (3.0)

1 Beagrie's Gunalt Audio

2 Reilly's Smilek How Deep Is Your Love

3 Burgess's Greyspirit Rockstar to Hantzburg.


Graduate Dog (3.1)

1 Mutlow's Braefell Goshawk

Hansome head on this young dog, with correct length of ear . A little tall to length at the moment and needs to fill out but liked his shoulder and upper arm placement and length of rib to loin. Correct tail set Good feet and sweep of stifle moved freely

. 2 Perry's Weipowa Lock and Load

Well proportioned head with good ear Similarly needs to mature and broaden but good front angles and length of back, well let down hocks. Firm topline whih was held on the move. Not quite the width  of chest or sweep of stifle as 1 at this stage.



Post Graduate Dog (0.)


Limit Dog (5.0) Bussell's Teufel Devil's Advocate

Embodied the standard - medioum sized balanced moderate but with substance. Nothing overdone but all there in correct proportions. Masculine head withgood stop, flews and ears and kind expression. Well laid shoulders, correct length and angle of upper arm , good width and depth of chest. Brisket down to elbows and well sprung ribs going well back into short firm loin. Moderate tuck up. Strong sweep of stifle and well let down hocks. Moved parallel coming and going with good reach and drive. Presented in hard condition and a shimmering metalloic sheen on his coat . Fit for function and showing his socks off. BD & BOB

. 2 Snaith's Skilaki SuprFly To Bifonda JW

Medium sized dog with good proportions Lovely head and clean neck. Good length of back and rib, well sprung .correct moderate tuck up and well let down hocks and good feet Moved freely.

3 Stoke's Khamsynn Coast To Coast at Wipfel

4 Burgess's Nemrac Invictus

5 Mercurri's Weipowa Imperium (AI)



Open Dog (7.0)

1 Palmer's Kalimor Quartz to Parmelly JW ShCm

Moderate medium sized dog of substance. Classic head and ears , clean neck and strong forechest , well placed shoulders, tight elbows. Not too long on the leg, strong pasterns. Well sprung deep ribcage laying well back. Short strong loin and sloping croup with correct tailset. Good width of thigh and sweep of stifle and well let down hocks. Poweful free movement Shown in fit condition.

2 Rayner & Maskell's Sh Ch Gunakt Academy of Raysrans JW Sh Cm

Fit dog of a different stamp, bigger overall than 1 but balanced with clean outline and good bone. Good front assembly and strong topline Moderate tuck up ribs well sprung and laid back into firm loin. Strong rear quarters Moved well.

3 Brown & Filby's Desjiem American Pie JW Sh Cm

4 Hill's Sh Ch Weipowa Hot To Hunt JW

5 Int Ch Ch /NI Ch Deifstok Dandee Red Sh Cm

Special Breeders Dog (1.0)

 Brown & Filby Desjiem American Pie JW SH Cm

Strong medium sized dog. Lovely head  into clean neck, well placed shoulders and upper arm Strong pasterns Good angles all through and presented in fit condition Moved OK

Veteran Dog (1.1)



Special Field Trial Dog (0.0)



Special Working Dog (2.0)

1 Burgess' Gunalt Rock Out With Hantzburg Sh Cm

Balanced dog Handsome head with good flews, ears and clean neck. Good chest without being overdone . Ribcage well back into strong loin and well muscled rear with good width of thigh Held topline level on the move

 2 Plisko's Caelestris Weim Arttis (ATC AU1014HUND)

Medium sized , heavier boned workmanlike dog. Masculine head clean neck into good shoulders. Well off for forechest Strong pasterns , good thighs and well let down hocks. A little long coupled , affecting topline. Moved well with drive but a little wide in front. Presented in the fittest of condition.



Special Beginners Dog (1.1)


Special Open Longhair Dog (0.0)  


 Minor Puppy Bitch (2.0)

1Thrasivoulous's Skilaki Born To Move

 7 months typey baby has everything already in the right place. Moderate and balanced proportions throughout with substance while being feminine . Correct length to height proportions. Sweet expression , lovely head and ears, good shoulders, front angles and chest.Level topline into sloping croup and correct tailset. Correct sweep of stifle and well let down hocks, pipped  her brother in the challenge. Moved freely and with drive BPB & BPIS

2. Mathews's Silvermews Shiomi

 Taller and rangier 9 month old with good shoulder placement. Feminine head with excellent length of ear.Lovely topline into sloping croup and tailset. Correctr rib to loin ratio. Lovely tight feet. Not quite the front and rear angles of 1. Correct parallel movement coming and going.


Puppy Bitch (4.0)

1 Thrasivoulous' Skilaki Born to Move

2 Trurner's Minstergate Call For Rockleyan

12months moderate bitch , well off for bone but still feminine . Lovely head and expression and amber eyes developing. Well placed shoulders, good chest pasterns and feet. Strong loin and rear quarters with good width of thigh and sweep of stifle. Made herself look a little square on the stack but relaxed on the move and covered the gound with drive Presented in well muscled condition.

3 Finch's Silberliss Summer Song of Love

4 Redman & Shackell's Sireva Sorento  #


 Junior bitch (4.0)

1 Sayer & Wallwork's Braefell Firecrest

Still got some bodying up to do but really liked the stamp of this 15 month old bitch. Good proportions all round and with substance. Feminine head , good length of ear with correct folds, pronounced occiput into strong clean neck. Good front well laid shoulders. Correct length of back, sloping croup and tailset. Strong pasterns, hocks and feet. Good width of thigh. Moved freely and presented in fit condition.

2 Hill's Weipowa Winnie Winchester

Taller but still well proportioned and with substance . Good forechest and clean neck . Good length of back, firm topline, sloping croup and good tailset.Stromg hind quarters and lovely tight arched feet. Well presented in muscled condition , the coat with a metallic sheen. Moved with purpose but not as true as 1 today.

3 Thorne's Mabanika Code

4 Pearman-Brittain's Weipowa A Shot In The Dark at Britmans.


 Yearling Bitch (5.0)

1 Sayer & Wallwork's Braefell Firecrest 2 Cooper's Deifstock  Star JW

More compact, workmanlike bitch with good bone and muscle. Feminine well proportioned head with good flews, stop and ears into a clean neck. Correct  length of shoulder and good forechest. Strong pasterns and sweep of stifle on good hocks and feet. Moved with purpose, holding topline.

3 Hill's Weipowa Winnie Winchester

4 Thorne's Mabanika Code

5 McDowell & Rutland's Sireva Hotline to Khamsynn.JW



Maiden Bitch  (4.1)

1 Mathews' Silvermews Shiomi

2 Finch's Silberliss Summer of Love

Substantial 10month bitch presented in fit condition with metallic sheen to her coat. Decent head of good proportions, stop, and ears into clean neck. Good forechest. Strong rear quarters with correct tailset off sloping croup, good width of thigh and sweep of stifle on to well let down hocks. Tight feet. Not the spring of rib of 1 at the moment. Moved well.

3 Pearman- Britain's Weipowa A Shot In The Dark

4 Dennis' Liddlycleve Lacy.



Novice Bitch  (5.1)  1 Matthews' Silvermews Shiomi

2 Finch's Silberliss Summer of Love

3 Pearman- Brittain's Weipows A Shot in The Dark at Britmans

4 Dennis' Liddycleve Lacy


Graduate Bitch (3.0)

1 Sayer & Wallwork's Braefell Firecrest

2 Morris' Kalimor Lily

Feminine, more compact well boned bitch. Beautifully proportioned classic head Correct depth of flew, and long lobular ears, prominent occiput into strong clean neck and lovely lay of shoulder. Plenty of heartroom , correct leg to withers ratio and good pasterns and standing on tight feet. Clean outline, held topline firmly on the move.

3 Hill's Weipiowa Winnie Winchester.


Post Graduate Bitch (8.0)

1 Reilly Rayner & Maskell 's Smilek Eyes of Silver JW

Smart well balanced  bitch with pretty head, correct flews and ear into long, clean neck and well laid shoulders. Good forechest , well sprung ribcage and laid well back into strong short loin. Level topline, held on the move. Well presented in good condition.

2 Holt's Meinweg Christmas Fuddle

Mature looking medium sized workmanlike bitch. Moderate in all departments but with enough substance. A classic head with a deep amber eye.. Good front angles, ribs well laid back, good stifles, pasterns and hocks. Moved positively with true parallel movement coming and going

.3 Robson's Kalimor Armani at Robricci JW

4 Thrasivoulous' Skilaki It's de Lovely JW

5 Passmore's Weipowa Revival (AI)


Limit BItch (2.1) 1 Reads' Whitecross Remembrance

Longhaired bitch in good coat presenting  a well proportioned outline. Correct length of back into sloping croup, correct tailset and strong hindquarters. Good shoulder and stifle angles. Would prefer more width of chest . Moved freely holding topline level but not as true coming and going.


Open Bitch (7.3) 1 Sayer & Wallwork's Sh Ch Astrazone Avocet ToBraefell JW Sh Cm

Typey medium sized bitch . Well constructed throughout . Balanced head and good ears and neck. Correct front assembly . Firm and straight topline, ribs well laid back and strong short loin. Moved freely with drive on strong legs and feet. A balanced picture , shown in fit condition. BB RBIS  BOS

2 Morris' Sh Ch Kalimor Ruby JW

Shorter cast medium sized feninine bitch. Artistocratic head strong neck into good shoulders and chest. Well sprung ribcage. Strong pasterns, good sweep of stifle and well let down hocks. With metallic sheen on her oat. Moved with purpose.

3 Robson's Sh CH Nemrac Connie at Robricci JW Sh Cm

4 Finch's INT Sh Ch/NL Ch Silvestre Last Tango WithSilberliss JW.



Special Breeders Bitch (5.0)

1 Holt's Meinweg Christmas Fuddle

2 Sayer & Wallwork's Braefell Firecrest

3 Trasivoulous Skilaki Born To Move

4 Brown & Filby's Dorris Morris

5 Finch's Silberliss Summer Love



Veteran Bitch (9.1) 1 Burgess' Sh Ch Kalimor Nailah At Nemrac

8yrs old larger bitch but everything proportioned nothing overdone. Loved her noble head with correct amber eye , prominent occiput and long folded ears. Strong front , ribcage, loin and rear quarters. Correct sloping croup and tailset. Standing on good feet and legs. Lovely outline , moved effortlessly holding topline BVIS

2 Rayner's Sh Ch Gunalt The Look At Raystans

Similar aged bitch, different type presenting smart outline. Lovely head , strong and long neck, into excellent shoulders. Good front assembly and leg to withers ratio. Good length of back. Preferred shorter coupling of 1 Moved well

3 Morris' Sh Ch Kalimor Casey JW

4 Dennis ' Morganna My Angel.

5 Stokes' Grandahay Hebe Lemon Quartz.


Special Field Trial Bitch (2.1) 1 Smith's Meinweg Winter Storm

7 year old medium sized and moderate bitch . Enough bone but still feminine. Lovely amber eye. Well proportioned and good angles all through. Good length of back, strong loin over correct pasterns and moderate stifles with well let down hocks. Workmanloke mover covering her ground effortlessly.


Special Wiorking Bitch (3.0)

1 Hill's Weipowa Rising Star (AI) JW

Balanced bitch presenting a picture of power and elegance. Lovely head and neck into well made front. Well sprung ribcage, laid bak into strong loin. Well muscled hindquarters , sloping croup and good width of thigh. Strong well boned legs. Positive and correct parallel movement to and fro.. Vey together picture  Presented in fit condition. RBB

2 Deifstock Ducatti Demon JW

More compact , well off for bone and a lovely outline. Good head with lovely amber eye. Good shoulders and length of back. Well sprung ribs. Correct strong pasterns, good sweep of stifle and well let down hocks. Moved well

3 Smith's Meinweh Winter Storm.


Special Beginners Bitch (0.0)


Special Longhair Bitch (3.1)

1 Read's Whitecross Remberance

2 Read's Longtails Beretta by Whitecross

Not as happy in the ring as 1  compacting her propprtions . Correct length of leg to height ratio. Good length of shoulder, well sprung deep ribcage. Correct sloping croup and tailset, strong pasterns. Characteristic feathering on close dense coat. Held topline on the move.


President's Trophy Dog or Bitch (2.1)

1 Finch's Silberliss Summer of Love.



President's Trophy OpenDog or Bitch (1.0)

1 Dennis' Liddycleve Lacy

3yr old pale bitch , clean outline with good length of back and moderate tuck up. Feminine head, good length of ear, clean neck and well laid shoulders. Correct sloping croup and tailset. A bit long on the leg and hock but adequate turn of stifle and moved out well.


 Brace Dog or Bitch (2.1)

1 Dennis' Liddycleve Lacey & Morganna My Angel Looked well together despite the difference in age 3 and 11 years respectively Similar heads , heights, colour and proportions. Moved out smartly on well boned legs. Both in good condition and well handled.


Open Dog or Bitch  

1 Clarke's Sh Ch Sireva Crackerjack at Coastedge JW Sh Cm

 Masculine but not coarse well balanced all through Lovely amber eye and kind expression. Clean long neck, good fore chest and spring of rib. Good bone . Covered the ground with power, driving from correctly angulated stifles and well let down hocks . Shown in hard condition.

2 Morris' Kalimor Ruby JW

Beautiful head on this moderately sized bitch, with correctly set long lobular ears. Straight front , good width of chest and well  angulated front assembly. Good length of rib, short coupled with strong loin., sloping croup and good width of thigh. Strong rear end Positive on the move holding topline well.


Judge Suzi Burton (Trubon)















Club OPenShow 2


The Club Autumn show was held at Chievely Oxon. on 14th October 2018. Judge Mrs. Liza Brown ( Brakabreeze)

Best in Show  Danneau's Weipowa Phoenix at Arranz JW (AI)

Reserve, Best in Show  & Best Opposite Sex B.IS & BOS Rutland & Jones Sh Ch Sireva Only Connect with Khamsynn Sh Cm

Best Veteran Rutland and Jones Sh CH Khamsynn Carry on Camping JW 

Best Puppy Danneau's Orbit The Moon at Arranz vonSilberwriss Jager (ImpFr)


Minor Puppy Dog 

Ward's Akwamar Moonstruck

Puppy Dog

Danneau's Orbit theMoon at Arranz von Silberweiss Jager (Imp Fr )

2 Ward's Akwamar Moonstruck

Junior Dog 

1 Snaith's Skilaki Move On Up to Bifonda 

2 Burgess's Greyspirit Rock Star fromHantzbuerg

3 Kerslake's  Kuantan Cosworth

Yearling Dog

1 Snaith's Skilaki Move on Up to Bifonda

 2. Mutlow's Braefell Goshawk JW

3 Kerslake's Kuantan Cosworth

Novice Dog

s Danneau's Orbit the Moon at Arranz von Silberweise Jager (Imp Fr.)

2 Ward's Akwamar Moonstruck.

Graduate Dog

1 Burgess's Greyspirit Rock Star from Hantzburg 

2 Kerslake's Kuantan Cosworth

Post Graduate Dog

1 Phillips's Rivertone Rudolph

2 Burgess's Greyspirit RockStar fromHantzburg

Limit Dog

1 Snaith's Skilaki Superfly to Bifonda JW

2  Powell's Parhelis Dante

3  Palmer's Kalimor Claude at Parmelly.

Open Dog

1 Danneau's Weipowa Phoenix at Arranz JW (AI)

2 Finch's Int Sh Ch /NL/Lux Ch Deifstock Dandee Red

3 Hays Sh Ch Shatnphilly Avolon JW

4 Brown & Filby's Desjiem American Pie JW Sh Cm

5 Palmer's Kalimor Quartz at Parmelly JW Sh Cm.

Special Breeders Dog

1 Brown&Filby's  Desjiem American Pie JW Sh Cm.

Veteran Dog

Mutlow's Risinglark Hawk Wing JW Sh Cm.

Special Field Trial Dog

1 Burton's Trubon Grafyte Treve

Special Working Dog

1 Burgess's Gunalt Rock Out with Hantzburg


Best Dog Danneau's Weipowa Pheonix at Arranz JW(AI)

Reserve Best Dog 

Best Puppy Dog Danneau's Orbit the Moon at Arranz von SilberweissJager (Imp Fr) 


 Minor Puppy Bitch

1 Bradley & Gavan's Akwamar Moonlight Sapphire  2 Hay's Longlox Midnight Romance

Puppy Bitch

1 Bradley & Gavan's Akwamar Moonlight Sapphire

2 Hay's Longlox Midnight Romance

Junior Bitch

1 Turner's Minstergate Call for Rockleyan.

2 Powell's Mafdreliath's Asta

3 Finch's Silberliss Summer of Love

4 Cooper's Deifstock Dazzling Star JW

5 Thrasivoulou Skilaki Born To Move.

Graduate Bitch

1Turner's Minstergate Call for Rockleyan 

2  Finch's Silberliss Summer of Love

3 Thrasivoulou's Skilaki Born To Move

Post Graduate Bitch

1 McDowell & Rutland  Sireva Hot Line to Khamsynn JW

2 Phillips  Liddlycleve Lavinge

3 Anderton's Tatze Bewitched by Thrihyrne

4 Brown & Filby's  Desjiem Dorris Morris

Limit Bitch

1 Thrasivoulou's Skilaki It's de Lovely JW

Open Bitch

1 Rutland & Jones Sh Ch Sireva Only Connect with Khamsynn Sh Cm

2 Morris's Sh Ch Kalimor Ruby  JW

3 Powell & Tatum Weltguist Amy

4 Ward's Akwamar Tamar.

Special Breeder's Bitch

1 Rutland & Jones Sh Ch Khamsynn Coast Liason JW Sh Cm

 2 Finch's Silberliss Summer of Love 

3 Powell & Tatum's Madrreliath's Asta

4 Ward's Akwamar Tamar

5 Brown &Filby's  Desjiem Dorris Morris.

Veteran Bitch

1 Rutland & Jones Sh Ch Khamsynn Carry on Camping  JW

2 Morris's Sh Ch Kalimor Casey JW

 3 Ward's Akwamar Oriel

4 Brown & Filby's Sh Ch Desjiem Mary Christmas JW Sh Cm

Special Long Haired bitch 

1 Anderton's Tatze Bewitched by Trihyme

 2 Hays Longlox Midnight Romance

Special Working Bitch

Sloane's Trubon Hattye Trubelle. 


Best Bitch Rutland & Jones Sh Ch Sireva Only Connect to Khamsynn

Reserve Bes Bitch Rutland & Jones Sh Ch  Khamsynn Carry on Camping JW.

Best Puppy Bitch Bradley & Gavan's Akwamar Moonlight Sapphire












Best in show


The Weimaraner Club held their Spring Open Show at the Kennel Club Building Stoneleigh

Judge Ms Cheryl Hill ( Weipowa)




Open Show



The Club held an Open Show at Stoneleigh on October 9th, 2021 Judge Sandra Rowbury (Stormdancer) 

Minor Puppy 

Deifstock Deja Vu For Teufel Emma Martin


Puppy Dog

1 Hundwith Checkmate of Corotine Razzell Hazeltine & Crowther

2 Deidtock Deja Vu For Teufel Emma Martin

3 Parhelis Corrino Stephanie  Heuston


Junior Dog

1Netherhill Eurozone To Khamsynn  Mc Dowell & Rutland

2 Hundwith Checkmate of Corotine Razzell Hazeltine & Crowther

3 Silverweis Summer Love Thomas & Summers

4 Parhelis Corrino Stephanie Heuston


Club Ch Show

The Club held its annual Championship show at Stoneleigh Warwickshire August 31st, 2019

Judges Dogs  Christine Rayner (Raystans) Bitches Karen Palmer (Parmelly ) Referee Val O'Keeffe (Castlegarnstone)

Special Awards David Smith


Best in Show Armani


Best in Show. Robson  Kalimor Armani at  Robricci JW




The Club Open Show held at the KC Stoneleigh  was judged by Lindsey Evans ( Liandev)  stewarded by Anthony Tagg

  BEST IN SHOW  Rivertone Head Above Water Lewis Phillips

 RESERVE BEST IN SHOW  Minstegate Carnival Claire Rodgers

BEST OPPOSITE SEX  Gunalt Vettel To Hantzburg  Dale & Ruth Burgess

BEST VETERAN DOG Sh Ch Gunalt Academy of Rasysatns Christine Rayner

BEST  PUPPY Enjaeger Harmony Maskell Rayner & Maskell