General Appearance: Medium-sized, grey with light eyes. Presents a picture of power, stamina and balance.
Characteristics: Hunting ability of paramount concern.
Temperament: Fearless, friendly, protective, obedient and alert.
Head and Skull: Moderately long, aristocratic; moderate stop, slight median line extending back over forehead. Rather prominent occipital bone. Measurement from top of nose to stop equal to measurement from stop to occipital prominence. Flews moderately deep, enclosing powerful jaw. Foreface straight, and delicate at the nostrils. Skin tightly drawn. Nose grey.
Eyes: Medium-sized, round. Shades of amber or blue-grey. Placed far enough apart to indicate good disposition, not too protruding or deeply set. Expression keen, kind and intelligent.
Ears: Long, lobular, slightly folded, set high. When drawn alongside jaw, should end approximately 2.5 cms (1 in) from point of nose.
Mouth: Jaws strong with a perfect, regular and complete scissor bite, i.e. upper teeth closely overlapping lower teeth and set square to the jaws. Lips and gums of pinkish, flesh colour. Complete dentition highly desirable.
Neck: Clean-cut and moderately long.
Forequarters: Forelegs straight and strong. Measurement from elbow to ground equal to distance from elbow to top of withers.
Body: Length of body from point of shoulder to point of buttock should be greater than the height at withers, in the approximate proportions of 12:10.. Topline level, with slightly sloping croup. Chest well developed, deep. Shoulders well laid. Ribs well sprung, ribcage extending well back. Abdomen firmly held, moderately tucked-up flank. Brisket should drop to elbow.
Hindquarters: Moderately angulated, with well turned stifle. Hocks well let down, turned neither in nor out. Musculation well developed.
Feet: Firm, compact. Toes well arched, pads close, thick. Nails short, grey or amber in colour.
Tail: Previously customarily docked.
Docked: Customarily docked so that remaining tail covers scrotum in dogs and vulva in bitches. Thickness of tail in proportion to body. Should be carried in a manner expressing confidence and sound temperament. In long-haired, tip of tail may be removed.
Undocked: Moderately set, thickness in proportion to body. Reaching down to hocks and tapering towards the tip. Carried below level of back when relaxed; may be raised when animated. Not curled over back. Good hair cover.
Gait/Movement: Effortless, ground covering, indicating smooth co-ordination. Seen from rear, hind feet parallel to front feet. Seen from side, topline remains strong and level.
Coat: Short, smooth and sleek. In long-haired variety, coat from 2.5-5 cms (1-2 ins) long on body, somewhat longer on neck, chest and belly. Tail and back of limbs, feathered.
Colour: The only correct colour is grey.Preferably silver grey, shades of mouse or roe grey permissible; blending to lighter shade on head and ears. Dark eel stripe frequently occurs along back. Whole coat gives an appearance of metallic sheen. Small white mark permissible on chest. White spots resulting from injuries not penalised.

Size: Height at withers: dogs: 61-69 cms (24-27 ins); bitches: 56-64 cms (22-25 ins).
Faults: Any departure from the foregoing points should be considered a fault and the seriousness with which the fault should be regarded should be in exact proportion to its degree and its effect upon the health and welfare of the dog, and on the dog’s ability to perform its traditional work.
Note: Male animals should have two apparently normal testicles fully descended into the scrotum.


Although the short haired Weimaraner had been known in the UK since 1952, it was not until 1973 that the longhaired Weimaraner made its debut in two diverse ways. In January 1973 a litter bred in Scotland by Mr. J Seymour contained one healthy longhaired pup with the possibility of a second that died. The pup was of a short haired mating Ortega Opal Mint x Grey Moonshadow of Duenna. He was registered as Mafia Man of Monroes and was owned by Joan Matuszewska (Monroes). He had hereditary defects and was used at stud only once on his sister shorthaired sister Uhlan Fantasia who produced a litter of nine pups, five of which were longhaired.

Her litter sister Uhlan Champelle of Hawsvale was mated to Dino von der Hagardburg (LH) but there were no longhaired pups in the litter.

At the same time Roy and Ann Janson (Aruni) were negotiating with several Austrian breeders to buy a pup. Herr Seidl contacted them with the news of the availability of a bitch puppy. Together with Joan Matuzewska they travelled to Austria and met Herr Seidl and were introduced to Asta von Gut Blaustauden. The bitch had been bred by Rev. Foster Rudolf Trost and came from the Hungarian Czech border. Asta was imported by the Jansons and became their foundation bitch. A year later they imported Dino von der Hagardburg who was a gift from Herr Seidl.

These three dogs formed the foundation of the longhairs in the UK

A mating between Asta & Dino produced Aruni Dinwiddi from Seicer who was the first longhair to gain 2 CC’s in the show ring. .

In 1979 Gill Smith (Woolborough/Pondridge) imported Hasso von der Hagardburgh. Two years later he was mated to Aruni Danya from Seicer and one of the offspring Pondridge Practical Joker became the first longhair Show Champion in the UK. He was owned & handled by Shirley Anderton (Thrihyrne) Fifteen years later Pondridge Pioneer of Denmo owned & handled by Denise Mosey  became the second longhair Show Champion

In 1992 Gill Smith & Ruth Williams (Coppettwood) imported from the USA. After Nani’s Tip and Run Topsider.’

A decision was made by the Weimaraner club of Great Britain in 1977 , on the recommendation of Dr. Malcolm Willis to allow the breeding of longhair to short hair. Information had been given to Roy Janson, that one of the offspring from the original mating of the Austrian dogs had been put down due to a possibility of hereditary epilepsy. Further studies were made of siblings and offspring of a repeat mating and some showed a tendency to epilepsy. As a result of these mixed mating the chances of a longhair pup appearing in a short hair litter is more likely.

A litter was born in Ireland and three of the offspring were longhair pups, in what should have been a short hair litter. One of these pups Missy Clown owned by Miriam Doyle was later mated to Gill Smith’s Phantom Piper of Pondridge and produced Tomirsin Aileen, the top winning longhair bitch in the early 1990’s and Sue Gallagher’s (Galrhia) foundation bitch. It is interesting to note that the stud dog’s sire Ch Reeman’s Aruac C. Dex U.Dex W.Dex T.Dex bred by Mrs DL Reid and owned by Mr. R Lynch, was a short hair but carried the longhair recessive gene. He was a result of a mating between Sh Ch Arimar’s Rolf v d Reiteraim x Hawsvale Merganser. The dam was bred by Cdr Val Hawes (Hawsvale) who owned Ulhan Champelle of Hawsvale short haired litter sister to Mafia Man of Monroes.

In the last decade two more longhairs have been imported into the UK. Firstly Hellen von Mecklenburg owned by Nikki van Djik. The bitch five generation pedigree bears German lines. She has whelped two litters first to Pele zum Laubwald a German bred dog and secondly to Vosbroek’s Fjord bred in Holland but carrying German lines. Thus bringing in new bloodlines

The second bitch to be imported is Waldwiese Carpe Diem at Astraios by Nina Fotara from Australia whose immediate bloodlines are Australian but go back to lines already imported from the USA. These dogs include Arimar’s Rolf v d Reiteraim

The longhair competes with the short hair in the show ring and as has been noted with success. The most recent has been Mrs. Andrea Wright’s homebred bitch Lassemista Calypso who became the first longhair bitch to gain her title under FCI rules in Ireland thus becoming the first longhair Irish Show Champion.

The number competing in Field Trials has been small. Monroes Fieldfare owned by Joan Matuszewska and handled by Mr. T Griggs was the first to gain a Certificate of Merit at the Weimaraner Club of Great Britain Novice field trial in 1980. Ruth William’s Hawsvale Whitebeam also gained a Certificate of Merit in a Novice trial and Wyndlee Silver Candy owned and handled by Dorothy Shall (Langhaar) to date the highest placed longhair at Novice trials gaining a second place, two thirds and several Certificate of Merits. Winndue Aeneas owned and handled by the late Bernice McGee was the latest to gain a Certificate of Merit and fourth place at a Novice trial. Andrea Wright with Classic Dream's  Gemini  at Lassemista made further breed history by gaining 3rd place at the Weimaraner Association All Aged trial held on November 19th, 2021 

In 1987 the Bruno Trophy for Working Trials was won by Ruth Williams with her homebred bitch Damaris Twilight CD ex UD ex WD ex TD ex and this was the first time a longhaired dog had gained a Working Trial qualification. Three years later Ruth Williams  won the Bruno trophy with Coppettwood Domino Marcasite C.Dex U.Dex W.D ex,. Fursdon Fairytale owned & bred by Mrs Teresa Clinck gained C.D ex U.Dex & W.Dex. In turn her daughter Fursdon Twylyte Tramontano K9MS2 AD BH FH1 FH2 C.Dex U.Dex W.Dex T.Dex owned  by Mrs Allyson Tohme is to date the most highly qualified longhair bitch having gained numerous ‘firsts’ in the breed. She is the first Weimaraner in the UK to achieve the ‘Begleithund’, ‘Auderprufung’ and ‘Auderprufung’ in Schutzhund. Twiggy has also won the Bruno trophy for two years running and the Weimaraner of the Year in 2006.  Teresa Clinick kept her litter brother Fursdon Winter Whirlwind C.Dex U.Dex W.Dex TDex and the two dogs became the first longhair siblings to gain T.Dex

Another bitch from the same litter Fursdon Midnight Monsoon owned and handled by Lisa Coull qualified C.Dex and U.Dex and in turn her daughter, Callisae Scarcity gained C.Dex U.Dex W.Dex. Callie also won the Bruno Trophy.

In the intervening years since 1973 the longhaired Weimaraner has made its mark both in showing and working.