Weimaraner of the Year 2015 presented by the late Mrs Diana Oldershaw (Gunmetal)

 Awarded for the dog gaining the most points in at least two disciplines

 Mrs Christine Carpenter's Ch Aschfahl Isen J.W.




The Stud Dog Trophy presented by the late Mrs Margaret Holmes (Emmaclan)

Joint winners - Ansona Gamekeeper at Arranz JW SHCM Lynn Danneau 

                          Flitnels Aprillia Adonis JW Nichola Hill


The Brood Bitch Trophy presented by an anonymous donor

Awarded to Emma Martin's Deifstock Devillish About Wipfel.



Titus Trophy awarded by Mr Trevor Horsfield for the dog gaining the most points in GWT & Field Trials

Joint winners Ms Suzi Burton  Trubon Delta Truffe 



                Ms Kimm Bakker Ostara van de Tuindershof

 Titus trophy


 The Bruno Trophy presented by Mrs Val O'Keefe (Castlegarnstone)  for the dog gaining most points in Working Trials

 Stephanie Cooper Ryanstock Liberty

IMG 20150415 094510 kindlephoto-141624281 


Gwen's Trophy

Awarded to Lisa Coull Callisae Exclusive

 Callisae Exclusive tracking

The Sealane Stroller Trophy presented by Mr Mrs Hudson for the dog gaining most points in Agility.

Awarded to Alison Deakin Feldhund Astarte AWG

Ryanstock Liberty


The Show Weimaraner of the Year presented by Mr Mrs Hoekzema

Awarded to Ms A Brown & Mr C Filby's Desjiem American Pie JW


Strawbridge Bowl  presented by the late Major Petty (Strawbridge) for Best Of Breed at Crufts

Not awarded

Health survey 2019

The WCGB is carrying out a new health survey.

This time the Club is looking at how long Weimaraners live and the cause of death. The survey is quick and easy to complete so please take a few minutes to enter the details of your Weimaraners that have passed away. You can repeat the survey multiple times to enter the details of all the Weimaraners you or your family have owned, right back to the 1950s.

The survey can be found below. If you find the text a bit small, please follow this link https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/weimaranersurvey to the survey on SurveyMonkey.

Thank you

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