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Weimaraner Club of Great Britain All Aged Field Trial held at Hawkhurst, 16th October 2021 by kind permission of Francis Briley and Canal Game Sponsored by Working HPR dog food

Judges Steven Pleasance and Bradley Dymond

1st  S Bennett Tweed Mull HWV

3rd Mrs. N Cole Goosepoint Waddington at Abbanask GSP

Guns Award Mrs. S Mattravers Hunterstone Arya HV


The GSPA held a Novice Field Trial at Myerscough Nr Preston on October 22nd, 2021

Judges Fred Alcock and Una Russell

2nd Jim Kirkham Angel Warrior

Angel Warrior.jpg 2


The Weimaraner Club of, Great Britain held an Open Trial at Langholm on November 6th, 2021 by kind permission of the George Field Syndicate Shoot Our thanks also to our sponsor Mike Ede & WorkingHPRs dog food J

Judges Roy Cullen (A) & Simon Kirby

4th. & Guns Award Jim Bird  Sutchest Braun  Gino GSP


The Weimaraner Association held an All Aged Field Trial at Hawkhurst on 19th November 2021 by kind permission of Francis Briley and the Canal Game Shoot

Judges Steve Kimberley & K Connor

3rd Classic Dream's Gemini at Lassemista Andrea Wright


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 The Large Munsterlander Club held a Novice Trial on 20th November 2021 by the kind permission of Andrew Parkinson & Roy Cullen sponsored by Skinners.

Judges Helen Evans & Howard Kirby 

COM Jean Byrne Ch Enryb Singles Party

Singles Party


The Weimaraner Association held an All Aged Field Tria; on 25th November 2021 at Great Wakering by kind permission of Mr. Pendril Bentall, The Wick Farm Shoot & Eddie Hales & Friends

Judges Eddie Hales & Liza Brown

COM Chris Spree Stockenberge Halla