The Kennel Club has introduced a scheme to encourage and support newcomers to Obedience Competition.


In this class, only incentives in the form of a toy or rewards are allowed to be carried by the handler in the competition ring and may be given to the dog at the end of the exercise or between exercises. Rewards include food which must be carried in a small enclosed container during the exercises. The judge will designate an area in the competitive ring where the food may be given to the dog. To compete in the Introductory Class a handler or dog must not have won one Introductory Class or have achieved a 4th place or above in Pre-Beginners or in any other class

Pre -Beginner

To compete in Pre-Beginners a handler or dog must not have won  a first place in either Pre-Beginners or Beginners nor gained a 3rd place or above in any other Obedience class ( Introductory Class excepted)


To compete in Beginner a handler or dog must not have won a total of two or more First places in any other Obedience  class (  Introductory Class and Pre -Beginners excepted )


The dog must not have won two First places in Obedience classes (Introductory Class, Pre-Beginners and Beginners excepted)

Class A

For dogs which have not won three First places in Classes A, B and Open Class C in total.

Class B

For dogs that have not won three in First prizes in Class B and Open Class C in total.

Class C

Championship Class C at Championship Shows- dogs must have won out of Novice Class A and Class B and have won Open Class C on one occasion and have been placed not lower than third on three further occasions: all Open Class C places and wins must have been won under different judges at Kennel Club licenced shows. Class C for Open Shows,

Class C for Open Shows, Premier Shows and Open C classes held at Championship Shows - open to all dogs. Limited shows

Limited shows- open to all dogs except Obedience Certificate winners and dogs which have obtained any awards that count towards the title of Obedience Champion or the equivalent thereof under the rules of any governing body recognized by the Kennel Club.

Multi Choice

Open to all dogs and handlers. .Awards to be given to dogs competing in three award categories.

Pre-Beginners & Beginners

Novice and Class A

Class B and Class C


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Culverston Open Obedience Judge Julia Milligan.

Nina Fotara's Astraios Earth Angel awarded Intro Ex



Witham & District DTS Open Show Judge Kim Innes

Nina Fotara's Astraios Earth Angel Intro Ex.  awarded Pre-Beginner.

 Nina Pre Beg


 Carmarthen Canine Society Judge Mrs Lynne Lucock

Ruth Burgess's Gunalt Rock Out  with Hantzburg Sh CM RL1  awarded Pre Beginners

Bentley 2


 Ditton Championship Obedience Show 20th August 2017 Judge Linda Plows Nina Fotara's

Nina Fotara's  Astraios Earth Angel Ntro Ex was awarded 1st place in Pre-Beginners 

Faith 2