NSHPRFTC held a Novice trial on 1st October 2018 Judges Rita Dockwray and H Lampart

3rd Suzi Burton's Trubon Grafyte Treve


GSPA All Aged Field Trial held at Hawkhurst Kent October 2nd 2018  Judges Costas Wilkinson & Bradley Diamond

4th Suzi Burton's Trubon Grafyte Treve

COM Kim Bakker's Ostara van de Tuinderhof


BWWGS Open Trial held on the 24th October 2018 at Dornwood Devon Judges Mark Firmin and Richard Chellumbrum

4th Suzi Burton's Trubon Flysse Trevive


.Large Munsterlander Open Trial held on 31st October 2018 at Anley Nr Settle Judges Trevor Rigby and Penny Pickstone

COM Suzi Burton's Trubon Flysse Trevive


WCGB All Aged Field Trial held on 1st November 2018 at Plumpton College East Sussex. JUdges Rita Dockwray and Annie Jones

1st F Briley's Vanda Zoldmali Canalgames HWV

COM Alan Parr's Bonario Damascus B.I


WCGB Open FieldTrial held 3rd November 2018 at Langholm Judges Costas Wilkinson & Jonathan Holmes

WCGB Open 2018 Langholm Awards


No First awarded  

2nd Mr Bunn's Redsky Rambler HWV

3rd Mr Mrs O'Connell handler Rory Major  Jaudas Heartbeat LM

COM Rob Gould's Wamilangaar Diynn GLP.

COM. Ms LMiller's Oakberrow Gin As Much HWV

WCGB All Aged held on 28th December 2018 at Hawkhurst Kent Judges Suzi Burton and Christine Carpenter

No 1st or 2nd awarded

3rd James Reavil's Rebelrits Aurora HV


HPR Gundog Association Novice trial held on January 4th 2019  at Fretwell Beckingham Doncaster Judges Mrs. T Gould and Mr. H Kirby




COM Julie King's Minstergate Mercury


Large Munsterlander Club All Aged held on January 8th. 2019 at Hawkhurst Kent. Judges Steve Kimberley and Alan Parr


Graf 2


2nd Suzi Burton's Trubon  Grafyte Treve


Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla Club GB Novice FT held on January 14th, 2019 at Bridgham Judges  Rob Gould and Steve Pleasance




2nd.Austin Lindley's Trubon Harleigh Trojan. 


WCGB Novice FT held on January 14th, 2019 at Moreton Judges Mark Spearing & Coshy Kimberley

No awards

Gun's award Kathy Connor's Wamilinghaar Rudi


Hungarian Vizsla Club held All Aged FT 17th January 2019 at Plumpton College. Judges Jim Field & Alan Parr.


Graf 3


3rd Suzi Burton's Trubon Grafyte Treve


 Hungarian Vizsla Club held Novice FT 29 January 2019 at Hawkhurst  Judges Rita Dockwray & B Dymond

1st Austin Lyndley's Trubon Harleigh Trojan



Novice winner


German Shorthaired Pointer Club held Open FT 29th January 2019 at Stow Bardolph Judges Nigel Cox & Steve Robson.

COM Suzi Burton's Trubon Grafyte Treve
















Health survey 2019

The WCGB is carrying out a new health survey.

This time the Club is looking at how long Weimaraners live and the cause of death. The survey is quick and easy to complete so please take a few minutes to enter the details of your Weimaraners that have passed away. You can repeat the survey multiple times to enter the details of all the Weimaraners you or your family have owned, right back to the 1950s.

The survey can be found below. If you find the text a bit small, please follow this link to the survey on SurveyMonkey.

Thank you

Create your own user feedback survey