The Large Munsterlander Club held a GWT at Hall Barn Beaconsfield on June 30th 2019

Puppy Judge Jean Baldwin


Roz 2nd attempt


2nd Roz Richardson's Cheyenn Makeeta


CRieman Leica

3rd Chris Rieman#'s Cheyenn Leica at Llavondyss


Open Judges Lee Loveridge & Ray Davies



4th Chrissie Sterritt's Belfergorous Deya Royal Win at Cheyenn (Rus Imp)


Test Valley HPR Club held a GWT on June 22nd at Dundridge Hants


5th Chrissie Sterritt's Cheyenn Nandito Koshori


GSPA held a GWT on 23td June at Wharncliffe Chase Yorks

Open  Judge Maureen Nixon

4th Jean Byrne's Enryb Singles Party 


The Kennel Club held a Gundog Working Test at Chatsworth House June 15th and 16th 2019 by kind permission of Duke & Duchess of Devonshire

Open Judges Phil Pearson & Val O'Keefe

1st & 2nd Suzi Burton's Trubon Grafyte Treve & Northern Arrow's Merry Maus von Trubon (Imp Fin) 



Novice Judges Phil Pearson & Val O'Keefe

Mike Ruby

3rd Mike Pusey's Felhund Hotshot

COM Jim Kirkham's Hunterspirit Angel Warrior


Usk Valley Gundog Working Test June 9th at Charlton Parl Malmsbury by kind permission of the Earl & Countess of Suffolk and Berkshire

Placed at GWT

Puppy Judge John Cottrell


2nd Chrissie Sterritt's Cheyenn Nandita Kishori

4th Suzi Burton's Northern Arrow's Merry Maus von Trubon


COM Denise Fletcher's Cheyenn Nandita Ayasha

Open Judges Eddie Hales & Larry Wilks

Suzi Maus

3rd Suzi Burton's Northern Arrow's Merry Maus von Trubon


image2.pngWeimarabner winners 2

 WCGB held a GWT on June 1st, 2019 at Conghurst Farm Hawkhurst by kind permission of Francis Briley

There were 90 dogs entered making 107 entries on a hot day but they all coped. Congratulations to the 6 Weimaraners and their owners who featured in the cards.

My thanks to my judges for their sterling work and to my dummy throwers Colin, Jean, Gordon Natalie Tasha and Annie after she had finished judging. Thank you to Suzi & Chris who took over booking in the competitors and to Frani who spent Thursday planning the tests with me and stepped in at the last minute when the number of dogs was finalized.

To Michael Blay who en route to Southern Counties judged the Conformation

To Sue Colin Adrian & Chris for providing gazebos and catering equipment

Finally to Mike Ede for sponsoring the event and donating bags of Working HPR dog food for the winners

Special Beginners Judge Pam Terry

1 Anne Manser's GSP Taftaizni Anna Compliss

Denises dog

2 Denise Fletcher's  L/H Wei Cheyenn Nandito Ayasha & Best Weimaraner 

3 Steph Page 's GWP Kewpond Hot Chocolat

4 Georgina Kirk's GWP Kensteen Loves Lullaby

5 Heather Paddison's GSP Wild Summer Joy


Puppy Judge Lori Dempster

RayRay.jpg 2

1 Chrissie Sterritt 's Wei Cheyenn Nandito Kishori & Best Weimaraner

2 Hannah Spearman's HV Annivellens v Rebella for Rebeliritsi

3 Dave Short's Typhoon Last Boy

4Suzi Burton's Northern Arrow Merry Maus v Trubon (Imp Fin)

Leica 3

5 Chris Rieman's Cheyenn Leica von Llarendyss


Novice Dog Novice Handler Judges Sue Parr & Harriet Lampart

1  Luci Colling's K0rthall Griffon Aligngriffe


Stormdancer Felicity 2

2 Shaun Hill's Wei Stormdancer Felicity & Best Weimaraner

3 Emma Eastham's HV Keira Kalon

4 Lyn Thorogood's HWV Lyharr Leta Tango

5 Fiona Bailey's SRHP Aschouffe Fenton Fable


Novice Judges Lester Anderson & Adrian Morgan


1 Suzi Burton's Northern Arrow Merry Maus v. Tubon (Imp Fin) & Best Weimaraner

2S Bennett's HWV Tweedmull

3 Heather Gray's HWV  Fassfield Silver Lining

4 Natasha Steeden's  HV Ismeya Annuska

5 Suzanne Mill's Karrouki Wildfire


Graduate Judge Liza Brown

1 Keith Dimon's HV Newton Tower Seren

2 Jo Madsen's Danish Pointer Pilgrimledeldens Tor

3 Stan Shabolt's GSP Abhainnsong Lola (AT4)

4 Dave Smith's GSP Sh Ch Winterwell Fowl


Open Judges Rita Dockwray & Annie Jones

1 Andrew Farley's  L M  Chantelle Summer Breeze at Withamfriary

2 Suzi Burton's Trubon Grafyte Treve & Best Weimaraner

3 James Ayling's GWP  Bareve Buffelsburg

4 Alan Parr's Bracco Bonario Chatelaine

5 Bill Austin's HV Dovargo's French Fancy


 HVC held a GWT 26th May at Over Worton Oxon

Puppy Judge Jo Gosling

2nd Suzi Burton's Northern's Arrow Merry Maus von Trubon (Imp Fin)


HVC Maus


Novice Judges Lloyd Birch and Andrea Wyatt

2nd Suzi Burton's Northern Arrow's Merry Maus von Trubon (Imp Fin)


Open Judges Jim Field and Francis Briley

3rd Suzi Burton's Trubon Grafyte Treve

HVC Graf