Grouse Pointing Test held on 30th July at Roxby Moor Judges Stevie Allerton & Mark Taylor

Cheryl Hill's Weipowa Rising Star (AI) graded Good 


WCGB Grouse Pointing Test 5th August at Barmingham Moor courtesy of Dario Martina, sponsors and keepers

Judges Godfrey Card and Lee Loveridge Cheryl Hill's

Cheryl Hill's Weipowa Rising Star Graded Good. They were also awarded

They were also awarded the Dedito Trophy by the Keepers for the dog who had completed the best piece of work




WCGB spring pointing test

WCGB Spring Pointing Test held on 31st March at Winterbourne St Martin Nr. Dorchester Judges Steve & Coshy Kimberley

Marilyn Chant's Quadet Ebba graded Excellent.

Christine Carpenter's Ch Ashfahl Isen graded Very Good

Suzi Burton's Trubon Grafyte Treve graded Good


GWPC Spring Pointing Test held at Coates Farm nr Goole on 22nd April Judges Penny Pickstone & Paul Burdess (non panel)

Suzi Burton's Trubon Grafyte Treve Graded Good.


GSP Club SPT held at Thriplow on 29th April Judges Costas Wilkinson & Bambos Demetriou  

Suzi Burton's Trubon Grafyte Treve graded Excellent

Graf SPT


GSPA Grose Pointing Test held at Alston  Judges Rita Dockwray and Bradley Dymond

Austin Lindley's Trubon Harleigh Trojan graded GOOD 

Harleigh 3


Cheryl 2

Italian Spinone Club of GB held a Spring Pointing Grouse Test on 23rd May 2019 Judges Geoffrey Card & Dawn Elrington

Cheryl Hill's Sh Ch Weipowa Hot To Hun JW graded Good



Italian Spinone Club 

25th March 2017 
held on Wemmergil Moor County Durham
Judges Geoffrey Card & Jean Baldwin

Tirenac Hakan di Dedito  graded Very Good owner /handler Dario Martina 


HWV Spring Pointing Test

March 5th 2017
Judges Stevie Allerton & Jean Baldwin

Parhelis Irulan handled by Adrian Morgan owned by Sally Morgan was graded Excellent

Adrian Rulas


North of Scotland G.A. held a Grouse pointing test

on the 8th April at Corriegarth Estate Gorthwick Inverness

Judges Anne Johnson and Robert Hall

Flysse on point April 2013

Suzi Burton's Trubon Flysse Treve graded 'Good'


HVS SPT held at Kelby on 22 April Judges Jean Robertson & Adrian Blackledge 

Andrea Wright's Classic Dream's Gemini at Lassemista (Imp SWE) graded Good

Milo 2