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Gundog Working Test for HPR’s  to be held on June 1st  2019 at Conghurst Farm, Conghurst Lane , Hawkhurst TN18 4RW by kind permission of Francis Briley Esq.


Special Beginners

Judge Pam Terry

For handlers & dogs who have never entered a gundog working test orgained an award at a field trial. Training session in the morning.



Judge  Lori Dempster

Confined to dogs of 6 months and no older than 18mths on day of test


Novice dog / novice handler  (unclassified)

Judge  Sue Parr Harriet Lampart

Dogs over 18mths Dog/handler never to have won a ND/NH test or been placed in Novice , Graduate or Open or to have won an award including COM at a Field Trial



Judge  Lester Anderson  Adrian Morgan

Confined to dogs that have not won a Novice  working test or been placed in Graduate or Open  working test or gained an award including COM at a field trial

Graduate (unclassified) 


Judge  Liza Brown                   

Confined to dogs who have not been placed in an Open working test or won an award including a COM in a field trial



Judge Rita Dockwray  Annie Jones

For all dogs of open standard Cold game may be used